Sunday, April 20, 2008

murder of seven members of a family in JP Nagar district

Couple held for murder of 7 in UP
19 Apr 2008, 1628 hrs IST , PT
LUCKNOW: Uttar Pradesh police on Saturday claimed to have worked out the mystery behind mass murder of seven members of a family in JP Nagar district on April 14, with the arrest of the only surviving member and her accomplice. Director General of Police, Vikram Singh told reporters here that 24-year-old Shabnam and her accomplice Salim have confessed to have killed seven persons as the family was opposed to relationship between the two due to difference in their social status. As per the conspiracy, the woman served sedative-laced tea to the family in the evening and left the main gate of the house open for her friend Salim, who hacked to death six persons with an axe, police said. The axe has been recovered from a nearby pond, the DGP said, adding that Shabnam also confessed strangulating an year-old boy. All the evidences, including the blood stained clothes of the two have been recovered, the DGP added.

Times of india/Lucknow


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